Issue Zero with Fred Kennedy

Hosted by "Fearless” Fred Kennedy, this podcast covers anything geeky, nerdy or just plain awesome. Interviews with TV creators, movie stars, acclaimed comic book writers, video game designers (and everything in between).
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May 1, 2017

Welcome to Issue Zero, I'm your host Fred Kennedy and we're joined by Jim Zub, one of the most prolific comic book creators going these days, currently working on Thunderbolts, and a bunch of other stuff for Marvel. He of course has done countless of books with Image Publishing. One of my favorite bits of fantasy ever, Skullkickers, this is the guy that created it. We talk about a lot of stuff, if you want to get into comics, not just as a reader, but as a creator, listen closely to today's chat. He breaks down all the ways you need to behave at a Con, not just on the show floor but at the after events, like if you go to a party and there's editors there.. how do you approach them? how do you talk to them? We also talk about how arbitrary the very nature of the comic book industry can be. But maybe you don't want to break into comic, maybe you just want to know what's going on at Marvel, and some of the controversial decisions they've made, like making Captain America a quasi-Nazi? Yah we talk about that too with Jim Zub on Issue Zero with Fred Kennedy.